Karuna's Publications

Letting Go of Suffering Workbook (1994) $12.95

This workbook contains 16 units designed to help you understand why you hold on to feelings for a prolonged period of time and to teach new behaviors to facilitate your movement from suffering to joy. Among the many areas that will be addressed are: 1) Identifying Your Vision, 2) Discovering Your Suffering Profile, 3) Stopping Passive Behavior and Critical Self Talk, 4) Using Affirmations and Contracts to Heal, and 5) Holding Yourself Accountable Ordering Information for Workbooks

Saying and Hearing No and Feeling Okay workbook (1995) $12.95

This spiral bound workbook contains 14 units designed to help you understand why you react to No the way you do and learn the skills necessary to say No and hear No and not find yourself trapped in old scare or anger. Among the many areas that will be addressed are 1) Looking for the Roots 2) Eliminating Passive Behavior 3) Ending Critical Self Talk, 4) Saying No Wisely, and 5) Healing through Contracts and Affirmations. Ordering Information for Workbooks

Getting to Joy: A western householder's spiritual journey with Mata Amritanandamayi (1997, 2000, 2002) $12.95

This series of books is about my spiritual journey with Amma, an internationally known humanitarian and spiritual leader from South India. The three books primarily cover the period of my life between 1989 and 2001.

Books 1 and 2 are combined in the Second Edition. Book 3 is a separate book. Ordering Information for Getting to Joy

Reviewers have said:

"Karuna has been able to weave together her extensive training as a psychotherapist with in-depth exposure to the Christian revivalism of the Deep South and the Hindu mysticism of India without sidestepping around apparent contradictions and inconsistencies."

Mark Amaru Pinkham, author of "The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom"

"We follow [Karuna's] trek through a soul-stretching journey that led her from the pain of alienation to wholeness of heart, from doubt to growing knowledge, from mere survival to a joyous embrace of life.....This book offers a unique view of how the Divine uses each circumstance in life to lead the aspirant ever upwards."

Rand Hicks, Executive Director, The Integral Knowledge Study Center