Shantini Center Services

Shantini (pronounced shAHn ti knee) is a Sanskrit word that is the feminine derivative of the word shanti, which means peace. It is my desire to contribute to building a world where people can learn and grow, living in harmony and peace with each other and with nature. One of the main ways I work towards that goal is through my psychotherapy practice.

Individual Psychotherapy

Many clients come to therapy in crisis. The early part of therapy is spent helping them deal with the current situation. Once that situation is resolved, some clients choose to leave therapy until some future life event brings them back.

Other clients, however, begin therapy when they see they have developed patterns they donít like in their relationships, their work, or their personal life. They may be feeling overwhelming sadness, anger or fear. They may notice that their feelings are bigger than what seems reasonable for the current situation. These clients usually want to go much deeper than simply resolving the current situation. They want to find out why they think, feel and act the way they do and do the work necessary to change the entrenched patterns.

Individual therapy will be most effective if clients make weekly appointments. Each session will be 50 minutes in length.