I periodically offer workshops, both within my therapy community and to the larger community. Among the workshops I offer are:
Saying and Hearing No and Feeling OK
Creating healthy, non-codependent relationships requires that individuals be able to say No and hear No and not find themselves trapped in archaic scare or anger. Participants will learn 1) why they react to No the way they do, 2) how to recognize and free themselves from the mistaken beliefs they developed during childhood and 3) new No saying skills.
Healing Abandonment Issues
This workshop will help you 1) understand why you feel abandoned even when no one is leaving you, 2) recognize and free yourself from past traumas, and 3) learn new skills to aid you in feeling connected and safe.
Lessons on Lessons
It has been said that one of the rules of being human is that a lesson will be repeated until it has been learned. This workshop will blend spiritual and psychotherapeutic processes to aid participants in learning to recognize, accept and move through the life lessons they are given. Emphasis will be on learning to work in harmony with the universe instead of in opposition to it.
Dealing with Self Defeating Attitudes and Behaviors.
This workshop is designed to aid individuals stop the self defeating attitudes and behaviors that keep them from experiencing joy and abundance. Some of the areas that will be explored are: pain, fear, scarcity, busyness, habit and drama.
Stopping Critical Thinking
Being critical of oneís self and others causes tremendous damage to self esteem and interferes with an individualís ability to function successfully in the world. This workshop will use a variety of learning modalities to help participants stop the critical messages and use their energy in more life-sustaining and life-enhancing ways.
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